Stamped Concrete Maintenance


It is very important to have a routine maintenance for stamped concrete. It needs to be cleared from debris, stains, etc. Applying a concrete sealer is the best way to protect your stamped concrete. This way, you can preserve its color and sheen.

It is also best to consult a concrete contractor to know the right sealer needed to do the job. This is because of the variety of concrete sealing products available on the market. The contractor will tell you which one is the best sealer for the type of concrete you will be applying it on. There are certain products that are only good for regular stamped concrete and there are others good for high foot and vehicle traffic.

Furthermore, you should add resealing as part of your program. Most concrete contractors offer concrete maintenance services. Resealing should be every two to three years to keep its best look and condition. Your stamped concrete will start to fade should you exceed the said period. If your stamped concrete is directly exposed to sunlight, there are UV protectant sealers available as well.

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