Is Stained Concrete Worth It?


In the past, concrete was not a great material to build a structure within America. This is mainly because most people associated it with being ‘too formal’ and ‘too boring’ mainly because of its grey color. However, with stained concrete, things have really changed. Today, most homes in the country are built with concrete. This material has become the most popular choice, due to its strength, flexibility and aesthetic potential.

Being modern today is not only fashionable, but it has also become a competitive affair. People are willing to go out of their way for them to ensure that they are highly unique, thus ahead of the competition. Stained concrete has made this a possibility. It has helped create outstanding patios, driveways, walkways, pathways, pool decks, floors, and a broad range of other structures both in commercial and residential premises.

Is stained concrete really worth it? Below are a few pros and cons. Be the judge.


Increase the curb appeal of a structure

No one hates beauty. As much as this may seem a general statement, it is a fact that we cannot afford to turn a blind eye on. If you decide to build a concrete structure within your ultra-modern home, your dream is to transform it into an adorable and eye-catching piece of modern art. You need to be exceptional. You will not mind if people travel far and wide just to see your home, and pick an example from it. This is what stained concrete will help you achieve, utmost beauty.

Highly Economical

Did you know that you can get beauty without a price tag? Yes, you can! Stained concrete is highly affordable. Less labor and less work is required on this type of concrete, hence you will be saving a significant amount of money on these aspects at the end of the day. The goal of any homeowner is to build premises within his/her budget and still get the best out of it. Stained concrete will never disappoint. Actually, you can mimic some of the most popular building materials in the market such as marble, natural stone, and bricks, at a pocket-friendly price.


Whether you decide to use water-based or acid-based chemical stains, the fact of the matter is stained concrete is highly durable as long as it is well laid and sealed with the best sealants in the market. With it, you will stay lest assured that you will always have the best structure in the neighborhood for life, which will demand less from you in terms of maintenance.


Prone to imperfections

If not properly laid and sealed, stained concrete can transform from being the most beautiful element in your modern home to being the ugliest thing you have seen in your life. However proper sealing and finishing can be done to regain its beauty.

Not an easy DIY project especially in commercial settings

Using stained concrete is regarded as an easy DIY project in most settings, but definitely not in commercial settings. This is simply because some patterns such as marbling need a skilled hand in order to bring out the best results. Hiring a commercial concrete contractor to do this can be expensive.

Final verdict

For a fact, the advantages of stained concrete outdo its disadvantages. However, it is upon you to make an informed decision based on the facts laid above. Is stained concrete worth it?

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