Concrete Maintenance Tips


Concrete is, without a doubt, one of the strongest building materials around. When you use concrete to install a driveway, walkway, pathway, pool decks, countertops, patio, floors, or any other structure in your home, you can rest assured that it will serve you for decades before it can demand a major repair or replacement.

concrete maintenance tips from experts

But here is the truth – even if concrete doesn’t need much maintenance, you need can’t leave it unattended and expect it to provide you with the best. Below are some simple maintenance tips that will keep it glamorous for as long as you live in your current house;

Sweep it with a broom

Go to your home improvement store, and buy a broom. Make sure that the broom you purchase has soft bristles, so that you cannot scratch the surface.

With this broom, make sure that you sweep the surface at least once every day, or based on the amount of debris you find. This is an activity you can perform as part of your workout before you leave for work, or one that you can easily delegate to your kids.

Wash it with a garden hose

Based on the quantity and type of debris you find on your concrete surfaces, wash them off using a garden hose. If the dirt proves to be too difficult to get rid of, consider using a pressure washer.

Avoid using invasive detergents

When you use invasive detergents when washing your concrete surfaces, they might introduce dangerous chemicals to the concrete, and this could compromise its overall integrity. Therefore, when you go to the store looking for detergents, ensure you research every type you find, and at the end of the day, select one that doesn’t have any damaging chemicals.

Fix cracks as soon as you see them

As you walk past your concrete element, you see a few cracks on the surface and ignore them. This is because they are too small, and you don’t think they are going to cause any damage.

When dealing with concrete, there is no fault that is too small. Look – the smallest of all cracks if left unattended will continue to broaden, and in no time, it will become a menace that will be too expensive or too difficult to fix.

Therefore, endeavour to patch cracks when you notice them. To get long-lasting solutions, consider working with a professional concrete contractor, who will first find out the cause of the crack before fixing it.

Avoid spilling oil

Oil can cause a world of damage on your concrete surfaces. Therefore, avoid spilling it at all costs. If you accidently spill it, wipe it immediately to mitigate damage.

Finally…reseal the concrete

You don’t have to reseal the concrete every year unless you want to. Based on how you use your concrete structure, it is advisable that you reseal it once every two or three years.

Make sure that you use the best sealants in the market. Quality sealants enhance the beauty of concrete structures, and makes them less porous; thus reducing water damage.

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